Season Shape Tree
Season Shape Tree
Season Shape Tree
Season Shape Tree
Season Shape Tree

Season Shape Tree

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Four Season Shape Trees are a lovely way to introduce kids to 2D shapes and to consolidate learning throughout the year.

The printable templates comes in four sets of colours, one for each season. There are pink and purple shapes for spring blossom, green shapes for summer leaves, yellow, red and orange shapes for autumn leaves and white snowflake shapes for winter. There is also a black and white set which children can colour in themselves.

The sets are designed so that you can work on the shapes of your choice to meet the needs of your individual children. There is the flexibility to choose either just one shape, a combination of shapes or all of them.


  • 1 page directions with photos
  • 12 page spring set
  • 12 page summer set
  • 12 page autumn set
  • 12 page winter set
  • 12 page black and white set

Each Set Is Made Up Of:

  • 1 page of different sized rectangles to make the tree
  • 1 page of 9 mixed shapes (One of each: circle, oval, semi-circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon.)
  • 1 page of x9 circles
  • 1 page of x9 ovals
  • 1 page of x9 semi-circles
  • 1 page of x9 triangles
  • 1 page of x9 squares
  • 1 page of x9 rectangles
  • 1 page of x9 pentagons
  • 1 page of x9 hexagons
  • 1 page of x9 octagons

Template comes in both UK spelling, A4 size and US spelling, letter size.

    Additional Requirements: paper, colouring pens/pencils, scissors, glue.


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